Paul salas on TV5’s newest fantasy-adventure show Moomoo and Me

Following the adventures of a boy, a dog, and a ghost, Moomoo and Me is the newest enchantment on TV5 starting September 10, starring John Pratts, BJ Forbes, William Martinez, and Yayo Aguila in a heartwarming and humorous fantasy-adventure story for the whole family.

Set in a suburban town in Bulacan, smart and perpetually curious 11-year old Junjun Magpantay (played by BJ Forbes) discovers mysterious activities happening in the neighborhood with the help of his playful dog Choco, which leads him to meeting Oscar (played by John Pratts)—or "Moomoo," as Junjun fondly calls him. Moomoo is a friendly ghost who moves from house to house trying to find the perfect family that he could belong to, as he stumbles upon the Magpantay family composed of Junjun's loveable father Fred (played by William Martinez) and his beautiful and devoted wife Rose (played by Yayo Aguila), Junjun's very cute and talkative little sister Misty (played by Kiddie Kwela's Maritoni), and RC (played by Saab Magalona)—Junjun’s beautiful and kind sister, who Moomoo instantly falls in love with.

Through Moomoo’s ghostly powers and Junjun's savvy, they are able to help other ghosts in need, fight monsters, ward off evil spirits, interact with other fantastical creatures, solve mysteries, and share heartwarming human and supernatural experiences.

Joining Junjun in his adventures with Moomoo is his bestfriend Pogs (played by Paul Andre Salas), who is as equally cute and smart as Junjun but is as scared of ghosts as the Magpantay family's quirky and ever fearful househelp, Yolo (whose full name is Yolo Pascual, played by Empoy Marquez). Wendy (played by Celine Lim) is the pretty and kind-hearted neighbor and classmate of Junjun, who Junjun likes a lot. But Junjun couldn't always play with Celine because of her wealthy but strict and grumpy grandmother Donya Dionisia (played by Tiya Pusit) and their perky helper Precious (played by IC Mendoza), and so Junjun is always forced to sneak Celine out of their house to join them in their adventures with, of course, Moomoo's invisible help.

Also part of the adventures is Kapitan Bruno (played by Benjie Felipe) and Peter Cruz—the newspaper boy, who always gets in a silly fight with Precious.

On its pilot episode directed by Soxy Topacio and entitled "Ang Kahol ni Choco," Choco the family dog wouldn’t stop barking for some reason. Ever-curious, Junjun suspects that something strange is happening outside and does his investigation. He meets Moomoo, and Junjun blames him for Choco's agitation--but they eventually learn and feel that there is something else that's causing tension around the neighborhood.

What else could be disturbing the Magpantay's household? How will Moomoo convince Junjun that he's a harmless ghost and that he deserves to be friends with Junjun and become a part of the Magpantay family?

Don't miss the coming of the friendly handsome ghost on your TV and witness the fantastic adventures of Junjun and his friends in Moomoo & Me, airing every Thursday at 8 p.m. starting September 10, only on TV5.


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